What should a great Forex CRM system have?

Brokers usually have a very personal way of managing the connection with their clients. From this starting point, Forex CRM system offers you the possibility to develop a completely customized solution according to the objectives you plan to achieve as a broker, your particular vision and the strategies to achieve it.

But what does this system need to have for it to work successfully? If your goal is to create your broker, but you have some difficulties and doubts about it, it is necessary that you keep in mind this instrument that leads you towards your independence, in addition to all the tools that you will learn.

If you are a consolidated broker, a future broker or Money manager with a portfolio of clients to manage, at Smart Broker Solutions we know all you need for the proper functioning of your Broker, so let’s get started.

What Forex CRM system contemplates

CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” is a customer relationship management software that includes a wide range of applications and programs divided into three blocks:

Registration area: From this area the broker’s client will be able to register on the CRM platform with all the necessary security verifications.

Client area: Once registered, the client will have at his disposal multiple options to operate within his broker. They will be able to make deposits or withdrawals of capital, join a social trading account or create new accounts on the Metaquotes platform, among others.

Administrative area: In this section, the broker will be able to manage everything related to the internal direction and administration of your business: Customer registrations, automatic sending of emails, visualization of deposits and withdrawals or for example, the management of Ibs, all supported by a system of alerts that will not miss any business update.

Using a CRM helps your organization to have a greater understanding and make better connections with customers. With Forex CRM system, you will be able to generate fluid communication with each of them, with the specificity they require, and you will manage your broker administratively.

Also, with this type of management software, you will have the ability to develop multi-level affiliate programs and associated reports. You will work in combination with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, avoiding double manipulation of tasks, which will benefit you and your clients.

What advantages does Forex CRM system have?

Investing in a high-quality CRM system is one of the most important decisions you can make, considering the features we have already mentioned and all the facilities we will explain below.

What will be more evident if you know the advantages of a white label or if you have already decided to work from a turnkey solution, such as the one offered by Smart Broker Solutions. Among the many advantages, you can obtain the ability to execute a wide variety of tasks and follow up on them, which will save you time and additional personnel.

You will have access to a detailed database of your customers and the activation of alerts that indicate relevant events.

You will also be able to know the levels of satisfaction of your clients with the information that Forex CRM system throws up; this data is valuable because, with it, you can turn potential customers into real and regular customers.

Another tangible benefit is the generation and attraction of higher quality leads, depending on the marketing activities you perform. In this case, it takes advantage of the customer segmentation created by the CRM system. With it you can create targeted campaigns and send personalized messages.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features that amply justify the acquisition of Forex CRM system.

Recruitment of new clients

Performing such a task seems overwhelming, as you’ll have to keep track of dozens or hundreds of emails from potential traders who want to trade under your portfolio every week. This is when it becomes imperative to manage through CRM software, and you will see the importance of doing so.

Generating leads requires accurately monitoring sales procedures and executing payments to investors on time and appropriately. This administration will attract more customers due to the higher sales volumes you will be handling.

This action is entirely possible with Smart  Broker Solutions‘ Forex CRM  system. This management program assists you in automating your messaging, tracking and assigning links, and setting up easily accessible customer rooms.

Long-term customer retention

Once you have been able to attract new customers, it is necessary to keep them as long as possible due to the fact that you provide them with valuable services. Also, retaining them will allow you to maximize your profits.

It is not an easy task; however, it is not impossible. One of the advantages you will have with Forex CRM system over any other broker is the knowledge of your clients and the actions they undertake. These systems will alert you about vulnerable accounts or possible damage that may occur before it becomes a bigger problem

Verification of new traders

It is a reality you have to face with each new client. This task involves protecting your company and brand from fraud, money laundering and other legal complications.

One of the benefits of Forex CRM system is the verification of quality clients through third-party compliance and is something that you can easily integrate to streamline these processes. Depending on the data that this evaluation yields, you can get an automatic approval, a signal to investigate further or immediate rejection.


Smart Broker Solutions’ Forex client relationship management system gives you peace of mind by ensuring that all the decisions you make back-office are the right ones.

As a result, you will have software that allows you to keep all your transactions up to date, without losing time in your usual workflow and with the guarantee that you are working with the best Contact us completely free of charge and improve your Forex experience with the solutions we propose.

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