What is the best CRM to create a broker?

As a broker, you probably already know the benefits you get from a CRM; however, you should know the keys to considering the best CRM to create a broker.

In Smart Broker Solutions, with over ten years of experience, we know what you need in the trading industry. Our advice comes from our expertise, so if you want to create your broker with a proven CRM and advanced technology, you have to keep reading to find out.

Best CRM to create a broker, keys to success

CRM software is the most suitable platform to manage the relationship between the broker and its customers; hence its name “Customer Relationship Management.”

The best Forex CRM platforms contemplate specific applications to boost new clients, in addition to streamlining:

  • Interaction with customers.
  • The management of the information generated in your broker.
  • Expeditious handling of the accounts managed by the users.

All this is detailed in specific characteristics that we will refer to in this article and that are elements that conform the best CRM to create a broker, even if it is an IB that wants to start with a White Label Broker.

We are talking about three sections to highlight that encompass the most optimal configuration of a CRM. The registration area, the client area, and the administrative area.

Registration area

All incoming information and customer registration is controlled from this area. The following actions are performed from here:

●        Record business and personal data

Your client has the option to register as a company or as a personal account. The CRM system has automatic checks. For example, one of the security features of this area is that it can detect the user’s country of origin and automatically enter the corresponding prefix.

●        Email confirmation

In CRM platforms for brokers, the email authenticity is checked by sending a message with a code. This code is placed on the registration form.

●        Legal conditions and terms

Clients who want to continue and complete the registration must agree with the legal conditions required by the Broker. Therefore, it must be indicated and given access to the relevant reading to accept these conditions and continue the registration.

Client Area – Traders Room

The client area, or the traders’ room, comprises an area characterized by investment account management, access to financial history, and the fluid communication that the client has with you as a Broker.

●        Deposits and withdrawals

You will be able to provide all your customers with the management of their accounts through credit cards or bank transfers. They can also use electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies. The best CRM to create a broker allows you to manage operations centrally.

●        Open accounts

You will be able to open a demo or live account on the MT4/MT5 platforms. At the same time, you will be able to change your leverage very quickly and with a single click.

●        Social Trading

With this option, your customers can perform copy-trading, emulating the transactions and financial strategies that seem most profitable. The client chooses the investment, selects the amount to place and can trade with a few clicks.

●        Portal IB

The best CRM to create a broker must have an effective marketing tool with multiple levels and clear payment rules; this gives your clients possibilities for promotion and business expansion.

●        Know Your Customer (KYC)

Identity verification is performed through the documents provided by the users. With this validation, you will be able to optimize the options that your client will have available.

●        Support

If our customers need any assistance, the best CRM keeps you in touch with your customers through the support tickets generated by the system. In addition, this software relies on centralization and automation to manage emails.

Administrative Area

This platform area allows you a customizable control of all your customers’ movements through early warnings and with very few actions to perform.

The objective is not to waste time on tasks that you can automate. In addition, the duplication of movements, erroneous transactions, or outdated responses is avoided.

●        Clients

You can approve or reject the generation of new user accounts from here, managing the entire process that your KYC will carry out.

●        Lead Manager

From the best CRM to creating a broker, the sales team you are in charge of will be able to access, in a restricted way, your platform to manage customer lists.

●        Deposits and withdrawals

The software allows you to manage your customers’ deposits and withdrawals before executing them; you can control the deposit channels where the transactions are made.

●        Customer Support

The support will be generated individually, a response will be given to each particular case and possible inconveniences will be resolved effectively.

●        Automatic sending of emails

In the administrative area, automated responses to specific requests from your customers are generated. The best CRM to create a broker has fully adaptable email templates.

●        Alerts

The alerts to the changes that are generated in the platform are a way to always be up to date with what is happening and be able to respond in time, make decisions with sufficient margin and make the necessary corrections at the right time.

Our recommendation…

As you can see, there is a lot that you get and give to your portfolio of investors, I do it through a CRM that meets all these requirements that we have mentioned in this article. We recommend CRM platforms with a complete development that have been created by and for brokers as the CRMReal.online platform.  Through this platform you can perform all these operations with guaranteed assistance.

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