Meet the best CRM for Prop Traders: ready for the next step?

Start today to attract new clients and experienced traders, and also monitor in an organized and immediate way what is happening while working from your trading funding company, but how? We have the solution, and today, we want to talk to you about all its features and benefits.

Smart Broker Solutions presents the CRM for Prop Traders, the perfect answer for Money Managers who want to grow their client portfolio or introduce brokers who wish to enhance their businesses by creating their own company. With this tool, you can take your business to the next level and achieve more success.

You can achieve all this in a sustained way and attract clients to test your skills. We know it is an exciting topic, so let’s start talking about this tool, our CRM for Prop Traders!

CRM for Prop Traders, what is this all about?

Prop Trading is a kind of business in the Forex field that tests the professional level and traders’ skills. Participants must compete in a trading contest using demo funding accounts provided by another company. They must adhere to specific parameters predetermined by the account owner.

For this strategy to be successful, it is essential to closely monitor compliance with the contest rules, any infractions, who committed them, the number of investments made, and other actions performed by the participating Prop Traders.

When dealing with an accumulation of information, it becomes necessary to use a tool to organize and highlight the most relevant parameters based on the specific case established by each prop firm. Let’s see how it works.

How does this system work?

In general, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides structured support for the administration of your broker, in addition to allowing effective communication and interaction with your customers. Every successful company needs a quality, customizable and easy-to-use CRM.

Our Prop Trading CRM software aims to efficiently capture and manage all the necessary information related to clients’ funded trading accounts; this ensures streamlined operations and optimal client data management.

Imagine managing the investment preferences of Prop Traders, storing transaction history information, knowing how they deal with risk, and, in turn, having the client’s contact details for your files and reports all in one place. With this tool, it’s a piece of cake!

What you get with CRM software

This program is designed for Prop Trading and covers several important topics the system must control. By having this control, your work can become more versatile, and you can focus on what matters. With the help of a CRM, you will enjoy a wide variety of features that will benefit you the most. Be sure to choose a CRM that offers the following features:

● Monitoring software linked to your server

A link to your server via API, such as the one offered by Smart Broker Solutions, allows you to inspect and manage the accounts used by Prop Traders and the guidelines you have implemented.

With this software, you can easily create and manage your contests with rules of your choice. You can also set automatic controls for transaction limits, both minimum and maximum, and keep track of all real-time operations happening internally.

● Prop Trading with CRM for customer relationship management

It has a registration area where future users can provide all their financial information, personal data, guarantees, and necessary support contemplated in the KYC.

The management area is where you can automate actions and interact with Prop Traders. You will have first-hand access to all the customer information and the investments made since the contest. Likewise, it allows props companies to manage new customer registrations and cancellations.

As icing on the cake, with CRM for Prop Trading, you can send Prop traders emails automatically when they violate the rules you have created.

Finally, the customer area is of equal importance in all CRM. In that area, the user will manage their accounts and make the transactions they want according to the contest rules.

● PSP integration

By integrating with a payment service provider (PSP), the system will facilitate payments to the appropriate recipient. It also helps automate your invoices and protects the data generated in the contest with your funding accounts.

● Multi-Level Affiliation

With this system, you will manage your business considering the structure of expenses and payments generated by your affiliates, since with this CRM for Pop Merchants, the calculation of disbursements will be automated, allowing you to have greater control over your commercial staff.

Benefits of CRM for Prop Firms

The benefits of an automated system are numerous: it saves time, eliminates errors, and is highly effective.

Another outstanding benefit is the possibility you will have as Money Manager to automate and customize your company’s processes, so you will maintain a high and competitive professional level, constantly attracting the most qualified clients.

Finally, we emphasize that…

If you do not have an established company, you can also hire this type of system, although our recommendation is to start from a consolidated broker. By any means, in SBS, we offer you our CRM suitable for Prop Traders. Ask us, and get the best technology with all its benefits to work in Forex.

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