Forex Regulation in Mauritius: keys

If you are a Forex broker, you will surely be aware of Forex regulations, in the same way, if you work as an IB and want to create your Broker. One of the most striking is the Forex regulation in Mauritius and today we will talk about it.

In any case, you must know the regulations available in the market to offer your customers versatility and security, which translates into confidence to work with you and conviction in the value you can bring them.

For this, today in Smart Broker Solutions, we want to talk about one of the most popular regulations we recommend to our clients, such as the Forex regulation in Mauritius. In this article, we will explain the benefits of this regulation, the keys to opting for it, and other information of your interest.

Keys to opting for Forex regulation in Mauritius

If you are interested in this regulation, there are some elements that you should consider to start all the procedures without wasting time. First, your broker must meet the minimum capital requirements established by the regulation.

It ensures that your company has sufficient funds to operate stably, offering protection to your customers.

Another essential feature is that each regulation aims to ensure that investments are sound and lawful; for example, Mauritius requires all company information to check the transparency and truthfulness of the company.

Another essential key to obtaining Forex regulation in Mauritius is the segregation of accounts you must comply with; this measure allows you to protect your clients’ funds and the obligation to have liability insurance.

Finally, it is important that you know that you can obtain your license even if you do not have a domicile in Mauritius, which makes it very versatile for you who probably do not want to move to another country.

Broker license in Mauritius, substantial advantages

The leverage restrictions in Europe and the changes Australia have been showing regarding regulations have made brokers look at Mauritius as a profitable alternative. As main advantages for your broker with a Forex regulation in Mauritius, we have:

  • The company will be exempt from duties because you are not a resident.
  • You have flexibility in leverage.
  • Non-existent official restrictions on the purchase and sale of foreign currency.
  • You have a very efficient tariff system at hand.
  • The Financial Services Commission (FSC) manages all your broker’s data, which offers high confidentiality.

These are just some of the most attractive features that have led to the popularity of Mauritius in recent years.

More benefits of this regulation

These are qualities that make this regulation an attractive option for brokers around the world. First, it is highly respected and known as one of the most rigorous.

In addition, the Forex regulation in Mauritius is very flexible and adapts to the needs of those who want to trade under its supervision. Regulated brokers in Mauritius have access to many financial instruments and can offer their services worldwide.

Conveniently, the regulation in Mauritius offers high protection to your clients, so if you are an IB, you will have a substantial advantage when referring clients since regulated brokers in Mauritius must comply with strict security and protection standards for traders’ funds; this is a feature that generates a plus of prestige and trust that will make your broker’s potential clients decide to trade with you.

Making a parenthesis, we want to tell you that although from this figure of IB and as a manager of clients referred to brokers, you will enjoy these advantages, you can obtain more benefits if you decide to open your own broker company or if you want to start with a  turnkey white label start-up.

Continuing with these great advantages, you should know that your clients can be sure that their personal and financial information is protected and will not be shared with third parties without their consent; this will encourage investors to work under your firm, as they will feel protected.

Differences with other regulations

 Forex regulation in Mauritius differs from others in several aspects. First of all, it is a strict regulation regarding the security requirements, truthful information, and financial records they request, but it is also very flexible and easily adapts to the needs of your customers.

Although the procedures can take between six and nine months (provided that all the mandatory documentation is submitted), you can be sure that at the end of them, you will obtain better maneuverability than in other countries and the prestige of a license that has positioned itself as the best in Forex.

Another visible difference in Forex regulation in Mauritius is that the FSC regulates all monetary transactions involving the foreign exchange market, Forex products, and more in that country.

The broker license in Mauritius gives you the green light to manage your clients’ CFD and FX portfolios, offer consulting services, and conduct transactions on behalf of investors working with you. In addition, you will have the power to handle trading securities for resale to third parties.


Forex regulation in Mauritius is one of the most respected and rigorous in the financial world. If you are looking to position yourself as a safe and reliable Forex broker, it is an excellent option that you should consider.

In Smart Broker Solutions, we process your Forex Broker licenses and propose this regulation. In addition, with our professional services of more than ten years that we place at your disposal, you can be sure that the time it takes to carry out these procedures will not be in vain.

By fulfilling each requirement, you will have a positive response to start working with the best, apply with SBS and save time, and consult with us to excel in Forex.

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