Funding Account Business: How Can I Create It?

This type of trading has only been on the market for a few years; however, it has been gaining ground steadily. That’s why we think you’ve already heard about prop trading, or in other words, funding accounts.

Don’t get left behind and start working with professional traders who want to experiment with new ways of trading or with clients who are just getting started and want to build a successful track record under the guidance of your company.

At Smart Broker Solutions, we are always up to date, and we want you to know first-hand the trends in Forex, keep your company updated, and trade with the best.

What are funding accounts?

It is a form of trading in which you plan a contest from your company. You deliver accounts with virtual capital, which is called a funding account. Traders who sign up for the competition will operate these accounts; the goal of each trader is to comply with the rules you have stipulated in advance.

The best traders who use these accounts to win the contest will receive the prize or rewards set by your company’s management.

The most attractive thing about trading Forex with funding accounts is that it allows traders to access more capital than they can afford; this enables them to increase their rewards, improve their reputation and track record, and trade in larger markets.

This advantage makes the work of IBs easier and more convenient because it makes operations more attractive. Offering access to market spaces where only some traders can enter while others simply dream of doing so is the perfect hook to grow your portfolio.

Requirements to create a funding account

There are a few steps traders must take to qualify for the contest and trade with real money.

  • The first thing the trader or student needs to do is register with the company.
  • They have to meet the experience and knowledge requirements that you have established; the funding account business can provide free training to improve their skills.
  • Your company has stipulated a performance test which they must pass.

As for the process to access funding accounts, traders must contribute a fee to the company, and they also need to follow a series of rules established beforehand.

During the contest, traders are usually required to maintain a minimum loss per trade and to respect the trading hours and the number of accounts they can operate with.

An important point is reaching a previously fixed minimum profit and maintaining a stable and constant profit flow. If any of these rules and others you have created are broken, the trader will be automatically out of the contest.

Benefits of Funding Accounts

We mentioned one of the advantages of offering prop trading operations in your business. Let’s discuss in more detail other benefits so you don’t have doubts when contracting this platform with SBS.

● Increased performance

As long as the trades are profitable, the company can make better profits in constant flows than if it only charges commissions for customer transactions.

● More attractive if you’re already a traditional broker

Companies that work with prop trading tend to be more attractive in this type of market, which will benefit you with a growing portfolio of clients.

● Best Forex Positioning for Brokers

If you are a broker that offers innovative investment opportunities, your reputation in the investment market is enhanced.

● On-the-spot control and verification

Constant monitoring of your operations is another substantial advantage, as you can make faster and more efficient decisions to manage any eventuality.

Although prop trading is booming, working with this modality is complex and requires much knowledge and experience. If you, as a money manager, are considering this strategy, you must ensure that you have the necessary resources and infrastructure to succeed.

Therefore, having an appropriate CRM for funding accounts is no longer a luxury but a necessary investment.

CRM for prop trading or funding account

It is not easy to manage investment accounts for several clients simultaneously, with different metrics and objectives and large volumes of capital and transactions.

We know what we are talking about, so we give you the solution to achieve your objectives more efficiently, reliably and within your parameters.

Robust and customizable platform

With SBS CRM prop trading, you can manage all your sensitive customer data in a single software. From this platform, you will keep detailed data of the documents that every trader needs to operate in compliance with the regulations of law and KYC.

One of the elements that intervene in every company in a transversal way is the flow of communication, which must be proactive and effective. From the best CRM platform, you will maintain that contact with your customers, and generate automated notification emails.

Maintaining constant feedback through alert tickets is another of the attributes of this computer tool that you can customize according to your objectives, so you will never miss a notification again.

Real-Time Monitoring

Similarly, it is vital to constantly monitor your active funding accounts, control transactions and deposit amounts, as well as customer withdrawals.

If, in your business, you have a staff of workers and IBs, with the CRM, you will be able to organize the activities to be carried out and manage the accesses and permissions granted.

You have the path to success in your hands, and with SBS, you will be more than assured. Contact us today, and don’t miss out on all the advantages we offer you with our funding accounts and CRM platform.

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