Do you know all that is involved in a traders’ room?

Every broker’s client needs to perform the necessary steps to make their investments in Forex and do it smoothly; this involves several essential elements that will make any internal management by each client be done easily and intuitively.

The traders’ room is one of those elements that cannot be missing in any broker to create real and/or demo accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, generate tickets with support, and manage their clients with absolute control of all their activity without setbacks.

At Smart Broker Solutions, we know how important it is to keep customers satisfied, so here we give you the keys to manage your trading room and position yourself in Forex with the support of technological solutions to achieve success. Let’s see how.

Traders’ room, management at the highest level

We want you to clear doubts about the importance of having a data management system and internal management such as our CRMReal software. Let’s start by establishing that this web interface is one of the fundamental pieces of the Forex CRM System.

It allows clients to communicate with you as a broker while managing their accounts, and offers the ability for each client to access their transaction history and personal information.

Without CRM, every broker’s business would be nearly impossible. See the advantages of managing one of these trading rooms and why Forex trading becomes more attractive to your clients.

Traders’ room integrated with MT4

Being integrated with MetaTrader 4, users will be able to access their trading records, balances, real-time transactions and the trades already made. The Trader’s Room integrated with MT4 allows identifying the nodes, and enables the CRM system to communicate and partner with MT4 to coordinate the entire process.

Pay-as-you-go service provider

This advantage is valuable because we deal with transactions executed worldwide with customers using different currencies and payment methods.

Therefore, in the traders‘ room, this feature is integrated, and you only have to choose the Payment Service Provider known as PSP to meet customer needs. Whether you are a broker managing a large client portfolio or just starting, we recommend that you opt for a diverse range of PSPs.

You must manage effective alternatives to avoid possible problems with banks, especially if you are an IB and want to create your broker.

Transparent transaction history

Maintaining transparent transactional mobility is another of the many benefits that your trader room can give you. From this space, you manage the transaction history that includes the balance, closed and open orders, deposits, and withdrawals, that is to say, all the information that allows your clients to keep their movements.

It is helpful because it provides a statistical relationship by comparing what was done in the following transactions, and by doing so, better decisions will be made for the future.

Registration for Introducer Broker

Through your management as a financial account broker, your clients will be able to make a personal registration as IB from the trader room you are managing. Expanding your network in the trading room you operate through the new IB account will be one of the most recurring benefits you will get.

If you are an IB and you want to expand your frontiers, the recommendation is that you know the differences between White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker. At SBS, we can advise you on acquiring a White Label Set Up and offer you our expert services.

Synchronized execution

Traders in your space will be able to upload and handle everything concerning essential documents or personal data, among others, to make agreements and contractual negotiations to start executing their Forex business.

Diversity in currency management and multiple trading accounts

From your trading room, each trader can create accounts with different currencies, and they will have the power to have several levels of leverage, all under the same profile.

Another element that provides fluidity in the transactions is that your clients will be able to move funds from their wallets to their financial accounts.

Copy Trading and Social Trading

From this room, your clients will be able to carry out copy trading transactions, visualize and share the operations of other accounts, monitor the movements and investments of the experts, and then replicate them, which increases the efficiency of the brokerage for your clients. We have already told you the keys to copy trading if you want to put it into practice.

Statistics and substantiated data

From your trader room you manage, you can work with an extraordinary amount of data, which will be segmented to achieve a perfect organization, thus facilitating a light handling.

All the information and personal data of the clients, will be arranged in statistical tables to execute a transparent inspection.

Not only is a high-quality back-office managed, but also the user interface. The idea is to facilitate their handling and show the professional nature that these transactions require.

We conclude that…

With all these features and keys that the trader’s room has, you will provide your clients, as a broker, with smooth handling of their transactions and a professional environment full of tools to facilitate their best trading experience.

At Smart Broker Solutions, in addition to placing at your disposal a wide range of services with which you can work and manage your accounts, we offer you the opportunity to show your expert management. Our Forex Traders’ Rooms solution is highly customizable and adaptable to what the most demanding financial user requires. Check it out and improve your network with our CRMReal software.

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