SMART Prop Trading Solution

Offer your clients the innovative service of funding accounts.

What is Prop Trading?

Prop Trading is a business method consisting of a trading contest, where you provide accounts with virtual capital from your company so that other traders or investors can trade with it and overcome the rules of the contest using the funding accounts.

The best traders who, using the funding accounts, have passed the contest, as a prize will manage a real trading account of an amount that you will determine, with a distribution of profits on the traded account.


How does it benefit you to have this system of fund trading accounts?

With this mode, your customer base can grow considerably in number of customers as there is currently a great demand for this type of funding accounts.

You will also benefit directly from the monthly contest fees as well as from the profit sharing of the profits on the accounts funded with real money. 

In addition, prop trading will offer you the possibility that some of these new clients will become part of your broker’s regular portfolio.

Don't wait any longer and offer your Prop Trading software to your customers

With our Prop Trading Software you will have everything you need to manage the risk of funding accounts so that your new clients can trade with you safely.


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