Providers of technological products for Forex: what to consider?

The companies that provide technological products for the Forex giant must have specific characteristics that make their services a set of optimal solutions with excellent benefits and alternatives.

However, as a broker, you may know some distinctive elements, and you are still looking for an institution to support you technologically, especially as an IB considering starting its broker.

At Smart Broker Solutions, we offer you these keys that, regardless of your position, will help you decide which serious, professional and experienced technology products company you can hire. Let’s dig deeper.

Distinguishes the strengths of technology product suppliers

It’s all about fine-tuning your senses, and just as intuition and knowledge are part of the job you do as a broker, you will also select the technology company that works best for you.

First of all, you know that in Forex, each second counts, and as your clients will execute their transactions in real-time, they will also want the smallest detail to be solved accurately and smoothly by you, so support through a good platform is vital for your broker.

In the same way, being IB with possibilities to create your broker, you need alternatives to start from scratch with a turnkey and customized company like the White Label that SBS presents to you, a Start-up with all the potential to begin and not stop.

Only the best suppliers of Forex technology products can offer you everything you need with solutions created and tested that have the versatility to adapt to your needs and the advantage of having the appropriate training. The goal is that you manage your company with full knowledge and assistance 24/7 in just one month! as long as you provide all the necessary information.

Technology products and solutions dedicated to Forex success

If you want your clients to be able to focus on their Forex work with their broker while you focus on managing the account and making sure everything goes smoothly, then you need to offer the latest.

At SBS, we innovate technology products with globally backed solutions and expert support. We have been implementing our knowledge for more than ten years as providers of technological products capable of satisfying the tiniest detail that every broker requires.

It is important to note that, with the simple fact of having the best tool, but without knowing how to use it, or worse, without having the assistance of the technology company that supplied it, you will be taking blind steps that can cost you time and money. Let’s know then what these companies should guarantee you.

● State-of-the-art technology

It is imperative to get the MT4 / MT5 platforms to manage your broker, but be careful! Don’t just rely on these platforms; you will need a whole compendium of technological tools to make your work easier and that of your clients more efficient.

The most professional suppliers of technological products will present their digital developments that complement these environments. Among them is the creation of your broker’s corporate website, which will be the visible face of your company to the world and therefore has great importance within the products to be developed. 

Likewise, it is relevant that your company has Webtrader and Mobile Trader implementation to provide trading options to your clients wherever they go or are. 

● Solutions at the highest level

When we talk about solutions, we refer to all those elements within the Forex world that involve security devices, regulatory measures, guarantees, and support.

The best providers of technological products will have in their portfolio of solutions, for example, the Alternative Regulation Setup proposed before traditional regulations. However, any valuable technology company may also offer regulations in attractive countries.

Other features you should compare are the payment solutions they offer, the options for setting up your business, and access to liquidity, which in many situations is essential.


It is necessary to manage a CRM that allows you to manage your broker without losing sight of any detail from the administrative area of the application. In the same way, this product should provide your customers with an impeccable workspace for their satisfaction and fluidity in operations.

Many of the Forex technology product providers try to offer CRM platforms. It is worth noting that the indisputable quality of one or another product is noticeable in how complete it is, in addition to the highly customizable administration of the said product, so that you adjust it to your requirements.

● Innovative alternatives

You’ll know you’re in the right place if the company you choose as your technology provider has the latest technology in Forex brokers.

We talk about Prop Trading as a choice of creative technology product providers that will give you high-yielding clients. How is it tested? Prop Trading consists of a system of trading contests in which the trading performance of several traders is evaluated.

They measured each other through a funding account with specific rules; this ensures their potential customers have the proper capacity and the benefits will be shared.

No more doubts

The choice can be simple if you consider these keys that will help you adapt your broker to the changing needs of the times.

As a last recommendation, providers of technological products should facilitate your work as an IB or broker and not make it more difficult for you to work that has been complicated since its origins, especially if you are starting.

SBS advises you on this path. Having been in your position in the Forex world, we have all the necessary knowledge, so we know what you need and we are ready to provide it to you as the professional you are. Do not stay with the unknown; contact us and manage your broker with those who know. 

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