Social Trading Platform: What is it and what should it offer me?

Both brokers and IBs are aware of them, and all companies in this sector know the benefits of a social trading platform; however, do you have information on what it should bring to your advantage and development? Perhaps you have some notion or are eager to discover everything that this platform can offer you.

In Smart Broker Solutions, we are here to clarify all your doubts and offer our services in a wide range of products so you can start from scratch with your approved company or enhance your Forex broker. Discover here all that this powerful platform offers you. Let’s get to it.

Social trading platform, more than a social network

The format of this instrument is similar to the social networks we know, so traders can exchange information, and this content will always be related to trading.

Here, you can exchange strategies, perform copy trading, and share information on the movement of financial markets and their trends. In short, it is a community for novices to learn and obtain investment signals and for professionals to share their operations. Everyone makes a profit, but what profit does the broker get?

One of them is that it is a way in which any trader who wants to invest receives signals from professionals, which will continue to be in great demand; this will allow the broker to keep new clients in its regular portfolio in constant movement.

Let’s look more closely at these attributes that make the social trading platform a trending topic.

Features That Make This Platform a Winning Tool

Beyond being a virtual meeting place for traders, it is a space that brings you benefits as a broker since you receive dividends. How do you get them?

Simply because the platform on which your customers trade socially will be directly linked to your company. In other words, the transactions will be generated from that area managed by you, which allows you to earn commissions.

Growth of the customer portfolio

As we mentioned, by offering professional copy trading parameters, new traders will want to invest in your platform, which generates a growth effect and, of course, higher returns.

News flies like the wind, and within the Forex market, this is no exception, so the prestige your broker acquires will bring you more and better clients.

Simplicity, ease of use, and comprehension

The social trading platform should be easy to understand, and the interface should also be intuitive. Remember that your goal is to profit in several ways, both in growth and capital. Therefore, choose software that caters to users interested in investing and who are learning how to do so.

If trading is already complicated, why create more confusion in busy and tangled environments? With social trading, it is possible to ease the way for these new investors, so choose software provider, such as SBS, that offer expert advice and deliver highly adaptable tools.

Customization and adaptation

It is vital to accommodate diverse clients, in which case, the best platforms for social trading meet this characteristic, allowing you to offer the necessary coupling demanded by traders with different investment styles.

However, you can increase the benefits of the social trading platform with a potent CRM, which will be your ally in managing your broker with total fluidity. Customer Relationship Management will turn your company around, offering a wide range of products related to Forex investments in a single space.

Speed of execution that generates higher profits

The investment market changes rapidly; consequently, the environment you offer must be fast-paced. Lagging is inappropriate for any trader, and if you want to keep your clients working under your management, the technology used must be state-of-the-art.

What you will get with it is a higher return. Keep in mind that by having high-tech software that also supports a social trading platform, you will achieve much more accurate pricing and order placement adjusted to the speed with which the parameters change in Forex.

Data & Security

Going from being an IB to running your broker can be hard work, but you can count on systems to help you. Social trading software is one of them, which, along with other products, will help your company stay ahead of the curve.

An enormous advantage of contracting exceptional and consolidated software is to protect your assets and customers.

In addition to feeling secure in the environment where they make their investments, every trader needs to obtain detailed information about the experienced traders they will be copying. Only an advanced social trading platform can provide these elements to your broker and clients.

Do you have the platform you need?

To obtain benefits and advantages through the investments made by your broker, you must attract the most outstanding professionals to share their strategies and make excellent social trading.

You have to comply with certain premises, such as attracting new investors who want to trade from the platform you offer them.

You must know that your investment in hiring software for social trading is vital since this will allow you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Keep in mind that the social trading platform you hire must meet these parameters:

  • High safety standards.
  • Software approved to your needs and forms of investment of your clients.
  • Simplicity in the interface.
  • Easy to understand and execute.

We know the Forex market from the inside; therefore, we offer you the social trading platform to help you achieve your goals. Provide the best social trading to your clients right now, and do not get left behind. Contact us and stay ahead of the curve.

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