What are White Label solutions? All the answers

White Label solutions are a common way of marketing products and services in various industries. A White Label solution consists of a partnership agreement between two companies in which the first produces a good or service and the other company sells it using its own name and brand, such as in supermarkets, where products are marketed under a white label, although they are not produced by the supermarket, but by an independent producer.

It is also one of the most used ways to market services in the brokerage industry. Therefore, below we tell you all the advantages of White Label solutions and why you should consider them for your business.

All the answers to White Label solutions

Developing a broker from scratch is an incredibly difficult task, as they need to comply with strict regulations and integrate with the markets. To set up a broker, despite what we might think, besides a trading platform, there are many other elements behind it that complement it and enable everything to work properly such as the integration of plugins, a CRM system, payment options or features that ensure the security of the platform.

Buying a White Label Solution from an authorized provider such as Smart Broker Solutions allows you not only to purchase a trading platform from a MetaQuotes authorized provider, but also includes everything you need to start trading. From the official MetaTrader license, to the creation of the trading company required to carry out the operations or the technological applications needed for proper functioning such as APIs integration and plugins. Establishing the required banking structure to move the clients’ money in an adequate manner with their respective payment methods and finally the personalized technical support on any doubts or problems that may arise.

In addition to being a convenient solution that makes everything work from the start, it also has other advantages such as

  • Brand Development: Another key advantage of implementing a White Label solution is the possibility of using your own brand. This will allow you to gain reputation and develop your brand while using a first-class solution.
  • Fast Set-Up: With White Label solutions, a new broker can be set up in record time: only one month! In only one month you can start operating and focusing on client acquisition and growth.
  • Tailored Approach: Contrary to what might be thought at first, White Label solutions have the possibility of adapting to each broker, prioritising different characteristics according to the needs of each company.

White Label solutions are cost efficient

White Label solutions are one of the most used not only for its convenience, but also for its price. It is the easiest and at the same time the most cost-efficient formula to start operating, costing only a fraction of what a license would cost. For a reduced price, you can get a tested license that you know it works.

Because it is a complete solution that allows everything to work correctly from the first moment, it offers you the possibility of being able to use your brand while using a prestigious platform such as MetaTrader and its advantage in terms of cost. All these aspects make a White Label solution the most suitable for creating a broker.

At Smart Broker Solutions we have to know-how to implement White Label solutions, which is why we help you launch your broker into the market, whether it is with MetaTrader 4 o MetaTrader 5.

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