What is social trading and why is it convenient for your broker to have it?

In the last decade, platforms that allow obtaining profitability in short periods of time have become popular. One of these financial activities has generated excellent results for thousands of people, thanks to its usability and ease of learning. We will talk about it today: What is social trading and what does it consist of? Is it as convenient as they say?

Everything you need to know about social trading

In the beginning, trading operations were exclusively carried out by professionals and experts in the field, since it was very difficult to obtain the information and practice necessary to succeed.

Thanks to advances and the spread of the Internet, they are now within the reach of many. They have even followed the trend of other online activities, where related communities play a key role for people to interact.

Traders and users of all kinds share these platforms, consolidating themselves as an excellent option for anyone who has the capital to invest, for advanced users and beginners, without the need to be an expert economist or administrator. Now, what is it all about?

What is social trading?

It is a type of financial strategy designed to obtain profitability. It consists of investing in financial assets at usually immediate terms, following advice, learning from the experiences of other individuals or imitating the actions performed by them. These are usually recognized experts in the financial field.

How does it work?

These advanced traders perform various types of operations on the trading platform. In addition to investing, they also publish relevant information, news, stock market research, recommendations, discussions of financial topics, comparisons between trades and several economic indicators.

The aforementioned activities take place on a platform, known as an online broker, which functions as a social network. There, traders, investors, ordinary people, novice entrepreneurs and others converge and interact. Everyone is connected and has the facility to communicate with each other, specifically in the traders’ room. It is a practical way for everyone to learn what social trading is.

Just as experienced users provide information, online brokers are also responsible for presenting data of general interest, in order to guide and classify users. They show profit and loss statistics, as well as the list of the most valued users, i.e. those who perform well and share their strategies with others.

What does it take to do social trading?

An electronic device is obviously essential to get connected. Desktop or laptop computers are good options, as well as mobile devices. An internet connection is also required.

The second is to find a broker that supports this type of service. We have to tell you that not all of them do, so this will be an obstacle to overcome when starting out in social trading. Be sure to look for and choose one that provides this service. Likewise, you also have the option of starting your own broker startup, with Smart Broker Solutions. They have a startup package that includes social trading and many other tools for your new broker.

If you already have a broker with the above qualities in mind, or if you have already created one of your own, you will only need to create an account and verify it with your identity data. Being a financial instrument, this is a mandatory step by law.

Finally, you will have to spend some time browsing through the information presented, as well as the help guides. Then you can start following more experienced traders and decide whether to copy their trades, of course under your previously defined specifications.

Why is this a useful feature for you?

Now that you know what social trading is and how it works, you will realize how important it is to have a broker that offers this financial service. To make it easier for you, here are the advantages and disadvantages that you will often encounter.

Positive features of social trading

The main advantages they offer are related to how easy it is to obtain benefits. From the intuitive interfaces to the mechanism of following and interacting with other users, in the best style of the most popular social networks.

  • You can practice beforehand

In the vast majority of platforms that allow social trading you can experiment beforehand. It is an excellent idea to choose and follow those people who present interesting characteristics, appropriate to the style you are looking for or the sector you prefer.

Besides, it has no cost. It is a risk-free way of verifying what the profit-loss ratio is like before adopting a definitive plan. Best of all, you can put together a portfolio of all the experts you need to build your investment plan.

  • You do not need knowledge

To participate in these activities, you do not need any previous training or knowledge of any kind. You will be able to generate profitability with a few clicks without being a specialist. However, having prior knowledge of social trading will make it a little easier to understand the trading system.

  • You will become an expert

One of the significant features is that, with practice, you can gain experience at the pace you want. It is very easy by following the advice and recommendations of a large community made up of people of all kinds, who are willing to share successful techniques and strategies.

  • Ideal for those with little time

Many brokers offer automated investment methodologies based on social trading. You don’t have to spend large amounts of time analyzing the market or defining complex trading strategies. It only takes you a moment to choose the leading people on the platform and the rest is to trust them. Every time he wins, so will you.

Disadvantages of social trading

Although it is a booming strategy, it still presents some risks that should not be underestimated. Like any investment, pay attention and do not neglect your capital.

  • Replicating operations can be risky

If you want to replicate a trader‘s operations, confirm the convenience of doing so. Some of them use high-risk strategies or present unrealistic advice. Doing in-depth research on each “expert” and keeping in mind what social trading is all about will help you avoid inconveniences.

  • Check the commissions

Depending on the platform to be used, it is important to consider whether there are extra charges. For example, some brokers incentivize users with bonuses in the form of commission, paid by their followers.


As you have noticed so far, the benefits you will get with this system are quite high and it totally compensates for its drawbacks. Becoming a successful trader has never been easier. A suitable broker, a few clicks and you are ready to go. Do you need professionals with years of experience to help you? Contact us to create a broker with smartbroekrsolutions.com.

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