White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker: which do I choose?

Being successful in Forex trading is quite a challenge. As a trader looking to achieve greater participation in this world, you may be wondering whether to opt for a White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker.

If you are starting as a trader and want to create your broker, but, you are not sure how to do it or what to take into account, the idea is that you concentrate on market fluctuations, while we at Smart Broker Solutions give you our expert opinion on this subject.

We can tell you that it is not a complicated matter, they are simply two ways of approaching business. What is important is your perspective and what you want to achieve. Depending on this, you will choose what best suits your goals.

We accompany you in the process, offering you the best solutions and placing at your disposal all the possible options for success, let’s get to it!

White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker, what features does each one have?

We must clarify these concepts, purposes, and most important characteristics so that your choice is well informed and you select a solution that satisfies you completely.

Introducing Broker or IB affiliate

The Introducing Broker refers clients to a broker and receives commissions in return. They are an intermediary between these two figures, and the earnings come from the spreads and commissions that the brokers charge to these traders.

The objective pursued by the Introducing Broker

Its purpose is the development of a stable and productive business partnership for those involved, and it is something you can achieve at White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker. Its purpose can be described as follows:

  • To provide financial services to investors within its client portfolio in a professional manner, placing good shares in the market through a broker.

Advantages of Introducing Broker

Introducing Broker has some advantages, among them we can name the following:

  • Create a wide network of contacts fully expandable to investors with great interest in financial movements.
  • IB’s professional service requires no initial fee.
  • The affiliated broker earns an amount of money for the trades made by the referred clients.

Now between White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker, some differences are worth evaluating, especially if you wish to obtain a Forex license.

White label broker

It is the acquisition of a license for the MT4 o MT5 platform from companies that develop the product to market it under their brand. Working with a White Label is very widespread in the market and the industry since it permeates several niches and consists of starting to market without investing effort, money, or time in developing the product.

Whether services or goods, knowing the basics of the White Label opens up a world of possibilities, especially when your career as a broker is about to begin.

White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker objectives

The main objective of obtaining a Forex license under this modality is to start investing without delay from a financial platform, the dividends obtained are 100% for you, without having to share them as in the case of IB.

The idea is to have access to the corporate solutions offered by the product developer and you should know that at SBS we have a wide range of services that cover everything you need to create your company from scratch.

Advantages of White Label products

As you can see, the White Label is a viable solution to create and establish your broker. Among the advantages you have access to through the white label broker vs. IB affiliate broker, we can mention:

  • You can start attracting traders to immediately invest in Forex with several enhanced features and technology solutions provided for your broker.
  • You will not depend on another Broker, who can change the commission conditions at any time like IB.
  • You will increase the visibility of your brand, differentiating yourself from others, positioning yourself with a product that identifies you and that has already been tested.
  • You get the benefit of working with an expert in the technological development of your broker, in addition to the internal advice of experts in the field who will adapt your product according to your requirements.
  • The clients/traders that you get with your effort will not be shared with another Broker, since you will be your Broker and you will get 100% of the benefits.

Our recommendation

The way you work is very personal and influences the financial benefits you get. Deciding on a White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker is a big step in your trading career, as you will start working with your clients’ accounts and their dividends and maintain a direct relationship with your customers.

In our experience of more than ten years and under the White Label solutions that we offer you in Smart Broker Solutions, we can tell you that you will be comfortable working under this license. We explain why:

  • The complete SBS White Label set includes the creation of a company with your brand that will manage your accounts and from where you will work with your broker.
  • We offer you to work with official Metaquotes MT4 or MT5 license, as we have the legal permission to do so.
  • We offer you a series of plugins that are necessary to power your broker.
  • You will no longer have problems with banks when setting up your broker thanks to our state-of-the-art banking solution that streamlines deposits and payments to and from your customers, using traditional and alternative digital payment methods.
  • Direct support with exclusive technical service to resolve any questions that may arise.

Don’t feel insecure. If you still have doubts, we can advise you on getting the best SBS White label broker vs. IB affiliate broker with:

  • Targeted training.
  • Seamless migration of your customers, accounts, and more.
  • Spectacular conditions for your White Label set-up.

Your responsibility is to study the market and make the best investments, we at Smart Broker Solutions will advise you on everything else, come, consult us and check it out.

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